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Paragliding in Pakistan


Paragliding is a super fun sport where you fly using a big parachute-like wing called a paraglider. You hang below the wing and let the wind carry you. Paragliding is like being a bird in the sky. The trained experts help you take off, steer, and land safely. It is an amazing way to see cool views and feel like you are floating in the air. So, if you want to try something really exciting and see the world from above, paragliding is a fantastic choice

Paragliding in Pakistan is like an exciting ride in the sky. You use a special wing to glide through the air. It is super cool because you can see amazing views of beautiful places like Swat Valley, Khanpur Dam, and Azad Kashmir. The trained experts help you to fly safely from take-off to landing. Paragliding is a great adventure you will never forget.

All the Famous Places for Paragliding in Pakistan

The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation is actively promoting the exciting sport of paragliding across the country. Pakistan has many sites that are perfect for paragliding, especially in the northern areas of Pakistan.

You can do paragliding also in Lahore, which offers new adventure opportunities. The local guides are available to teach and guide the peoples who are interested in paragliding. There are many points for paragliding, but the Khanpur Dam is a perfect and renowned spot for this thrilling activity in Pakistan.

For those seeking the best paragliding destinations in Pakistan, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the most famous sites:

Khanpur Dam:

Khanpur Dam is situated 50 KM away from Islamabad in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is famous for paragliding activities in Pakistan. Many people who seek adventure enjoy visiting Khanpur Dam and experiencing the excitement of Khanpur Dam Paragliding. The local guides here in Khanpur Dam guide you on how to fly and steer in the air. In the air, you can see the dam, fields and far places from above. Khanpur Dam paragliding is a cool adventure that lasts in your memories forever.

Khanpur dam paragliding

Swat Valley Paragliding

Swat Valley is the best point for paragliding in Pakistan. You can do paragliding which is starting from the hills. In Swat Valley paragliding you can glide over the stunning valley with the help of the wind and a colourful wing. You will be able to take in breathtaking views of rivers, villages, and majestic mountains. The experienced paraglider guides will ensure your safety. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to paragliding. Swat Valley is the perfect place to try paragliding in Pakistan and experience the natural beauty of Pakistan. In this paragliding experience, you will make unforgettable memories of your thrilling adventure that stay with you forever.

Swat Valley Paragliding

Skardu Paragliding

Skardu paragliding is a great adventurous activity in Pakistan. In Skardu paragliding you can fly over very beautiful places. You start from high spots and use paraglider wings that catch the wind. When you take off, it feels really cool, and you can see big mountains and calm lakes from above. Trained guides keep you safe and make sure you have fun. Imagine the happiness of flying and the calm of gliding. It’s a chance to feel free like a bird and see Pakistan’s natural beauty in an amazing way. If you are up for an adventure, Trip To Skardu is the best place to go for paragliding and creating awesome memories.

Skardu Paragliding


Paragliding is more than just an adventure. It is the best experience that allows you to soar through the skies and view the world from a unique perspective. To ensure a safe and unforgettable journey, it is important to select the right location, get proper training, and prioritize safety. So, get ready and spread your wings, and allow the winds to lead you on a thrilling aerial adventure of a lifetime.

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